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[FAQ] RealPresence Group Upgrade Server

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[FAQ] RealPresence Group Upgrade Server

Hello all,


the below covers the installation of a RealPresence Group Upgrade Server.


Most of this is covered already => here <= for FTP or => here <= for HTTP but the following Items are important:


  • GroupSeriesSofwtareUpdate_02.PNG Assign the Virtual Directory to a local Directory

  • GroupSeriesSofwtareUpdate_03.PNG

    Unzip the Group Series update but point the "root" Directory to the Directory containing the unzipped files.

    Unix or Linux: /rseries/
    Windows: \rseries\geninfo.bat

  • Expand the default Web Site and select the Mime Types


    Ensure you have the .plcm , .txt and .sig allowed

  • If you are updating to a major or minor release, obtain a software update key code (.txt) file from the Polycom website. Save the file as sw_keys.txt and place it in rseries/platform/ on your web server.

  • Upgrade Server should include the Protocol


  • GroupSeriesSofwtareUpdate_04.PNG

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