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G7500 Remote Control Behavior Issue

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G7500 Remote Control Behavior Issue


I've installed a G7500 with EEIV-4x at a customer and configured the remote control behavior to camera "Presets".

According to the Poly Video Mode Admin Guide 3.0.0 on page 22 you should be able to generate DTMF tones while in a call by pressing the # key, but it doesn't work.
When dialing e.g. into BlueJeans or Zoom lobby you'll have some additional steps with the remote until being able to enter DTMF tones which is a hassle.
Any idea how to solve this?


"Numeric Keypad Function while in a Call:

Specifies whether pressing number buttons on the
remote control or keypad moves the camera to presets
or generates touch tones (DTMF tones). If you set this
option to Presets, you can generate DTMF tones by
pressing the # key on the remote control while in a call."

The G7500 has the latest 3.0.0 Software



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