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GS310 or 500 changes hdmi source of monitors, content doesn't show

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GS310 or 500 changes hdmi source of monitors, content doesn't show

After the system goes to sleep, when it is reactivated the content screen sometimes changes and looses the source of the feed from the screen, so nothing is displayed. It looks like the GS is changing the source setting on the monitor itself. This happens to mubliple conf rooms with the new software release.

So a conf room with no issue was updated from to release - and immediately started showing this behavior (with no other changes to the setup). When the system is asleep, No Signal shows on the screen, and when waking the room up from sleep with using the touchpanel, the codec seems to search for the monitor's signal and cycle through the monitor's source settings, about 1 times in 10 it gets stuck on the wrong one, ie the screen gets stuck on a hdmi 2 rather than hdmi 1 output setting.

My monitors are Philips (models 65PUS6262/12 or 75PUS7803/12), I have another site with the same GS but different screens, and there the issue doesnt arise, so it's the interaction between this Polycom software version and my Philips screens. This effectively blocks me from running updates as I can't have all my rooms with this constant issue.

I logged a ticket but any other help appreciated.

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