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Getting incorrect Sip Status back via SNMP

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Getting incorrect Sip Status back via SNMP

Having an issue where the SNMP query for serviceSipStatus on OID . is coming back with an ok (2) when the device is actually showing Registration Failed within the Web GUI - should be returning a failed (3) value.

If I disable SIP It will return the correct value - disabled (1).

By comparison, it seems to work perfectly for Exchange Integration status fine (OID . I can put invalid information in there and get a failed (3) value back (matching the status showin in the Web GUI).


Information on the system below:

- Polycom Group 310 (also replicated this issue on Group 500)

- Software Version Release - 6.1.5-360613


Anyone else come across this before or know if a software update includes a fix for this?

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Re: Getting incorrect Sip Status back via SNMP

Hello @RichardKing 


looking for serviceSipStatus I found EN-10695 internally and a note that this was fixed in 6.2.1.


I suggest you upgrade to a supported version if you are outside warranty and then most likely work with Poly reseller if you require this fixed.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


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Re: Getting incorrect Sip Status back via SNMP

Thanks for coming back so quickly!

I have a change logged for this week to update the software so I'll post back here and accept the solution once that has been done and I get to test it so that others may benefit from this.

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Re: Getting incorrect Sip Status back via SNMP

Hi again,

We have upgraded one of our Polycom Group 310's to software version: Release -

However, I still seem to be getting a status 2(ok) back via SNMP when I should be getting a 3 (failed) response when the web GUI is showing Registration Failed.

Are you able to confirm if this fix was definitely implemented in this version or was there some reaosn it was taken back out after version 6.2.1 where you mention a fix was implemented?



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