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Group 300 with EE 4 , 12x and EED

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Group 300 with EE 4 , 12x and EED



Please advise if RealPresence Group 300 is compatible with EagleEye 4(12x) camera and EagleEye director camera with full feature (is there any limitiation?)


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Re: Group 300 with EE 4 , 12x and EED

All RealPresence Group Series codecs (300, 310, 500 China specific 550 and the 700) will support:


any past analog EagleEye camera (HD, II and III)

The digial cameras:

EagleEye IV - 4x and 12x

EagleEye Acoustic


EagleEye Director (which is analog)

EagleEye Producer (which supports either the analog or digital cameras)

EagleEye Digital Extender (supports digital cameras video, control and power)

Digital Breakout Adapter (supports digital cameras video and control)


I thought the attached would be of interest to the group here.