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Group 500 video issue

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Group 500 video issue

Hi. Our client  just bought Group 500 device.
They connect their camera system through HDMI-HDCI adapter to G500 HDCI input - everything looks OK. Now they want to connect Group 500 HDMI 1 output to DV Lab DSC928 video switcher. And here the show begins.
1. When connecting HDMI 1 output to DSC928, video is horrible (HDMI 2 looks the same). Screenshot:;

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2. We tried maybe 5 different HDMI cables - some of them works better, some worse, but there is no clear view;
3. When G500 HDMI 1 output is connected directly to LCD monitor - everything is OK, view is clear;
4. We tried a lot of different video sources (laptops, HDMI cameras etc.) connect to DSC928 video switcher - everything looks cool;
5. We also tried few different HDMI spliters between G500 and DSC928 - nothing better happened.
6. At the end, we tried to connect another Group500 device - nothing happened.
7. Firmware upgrade from 5.1.20 to 6.0.0 didn't help.

So the question is:
Does Polycom Group 500 HDMI outputs supports EXACTLY 1920x1080i50? This one is chosen in web interface.

Doea anyone has some thoughts?


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