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Group 500

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Group 500

Hi All,


What is the compatible cameras for Group 500.


For example MPTZ-6 and 9 is compatible?


The unit is booting without camera?


My unit is power on and show the Polycom logo and the star is runing turn around.

That is the never ending story.


I tryed the factory restore, but that doesn't solved the problem.

Any Idea?


Thank you






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Re: Group 500

The answer to the camera question is in the Release Notes:

Digital and Analog Cameras
The supported EagleEye digital output cameras include the EagleEye Acoustic, EagleEye Producer,
EagleEye Director II, EagleEye IV-4x, and EagleEye IV-12x. An optional wide angle lens for the EagleEye IV camera increases the FOV from 65 degrees to 85 degrees.


The RealPresence Group Series systems also support the EagleEye analog output cameras, which include the EagleEye View, EagleEye HD, EagleEye II, and EagleEye III cameras.


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