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Group 700 mutes output - byitself

Milton Waddams
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Group 700 mutes output - byitself

I am sure this is a simple setting somewhere I am missing in the web interface, but one of the units I manage mutes itself every week. The room it is installed in doesn't get used frequently, so I am not sure if the unit is doing it randomly on reboot, when a connection is made, dropped, or what not. 


Audio output will be set at 90% (to feed Qsys system for in room audio)

In between weekly events the polycom group 700 will mute the output (set it too zero)

This results in no in room audio from the far side. 

The unit is mounted in a rack that is not accessible to the public and remote is secured too. 


The unit is networked (obviously) and managed as part of a group policy, but this is the only unit i service that has this issue. 


There is a Crestron control system connected to the unit, but the programming of the control system has not been touched for about a year, and the issue developed in the last 4 months. 

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KK Sky
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Re: Group 700 mutes output - byitself



I have had this happen a couple of times on an RPG 500. The speaker icon on the monitor showed as muted. The only way that I could get it to unmute was to remote into the unit and increase the volume. I regularly reboot all of our vidcon gear once a week, but occasionally this sneaks through. I have no idea why it happens, but it isn't just limited to the 700.

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