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Group Series 500 - Display Content and Video Feeds

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Group Series 500 - Display Content and Video Feeds

We're using a GS 500 system, running, displayed on a single projector. We have a Crestron installed, due to various other in room systems that are also controlled by it, so cannot use a RealPresence Touch device. We also use the Polycom GS silver remote.


I'm trying to do three way VC calls, with content sharing via Skype. When the content is shared, we can no longer see the video feed from the other parties. Is there any way we can change the display settings, so we can see content sharing and video feeds at the same time? I couldn't see any options appear in the menu, PIP options wasn't displaying either. Essentially I'm after a similar experience to that of Adobe Connect.


I did see a video where someone was able to do this, however they were using a RealPresence Touch. I need to know if it is possible without one!

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