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Group Series 500 and Edgeprotect

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Group Series 500 and Edgeprotect

Hi, we are implementing a Polycom Group series 500 video conferencing system and are running into some data/networking issues.....


Obviously, we want people from outside the firm to be able to call us (I guess via a public IP?) that we give the video conferencing system (or via a NAT that the outside dials our public IP but is NATted into the Polycom's internal IP for the group series)


Our vendor is telling us that we need some sort of edgeprotect (Edgewater) device but I am not sure if we do or not...anyone have any experience with this?


I have attached an image of our current setup (excuse the basic drawing)

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Re: Group Series 500 and Edgeprotect

The easiest way for this to happen is to put the video conference unit in the Router's DMZ and use Fixed ports and NAT on the endpoint.  See the Administrator's Guide for details on this configuration. 


Make sure your router has the same ports defined for H.323 traffic.


The NAT will give you the static IP of the router so inbound calls can be made.


A way to test it is to use this test site:

Test your video at: or

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