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Group System support for Visca

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Group System support for Visca

Hi all


Integrators reference manual shows a serial cable for group


but states that the pinout does not support Visca. 


" The 8-pin mini-DIN RS232 connection is wired per Polycom RS-232 and does
not follow VISCA pinout convention. Do NOT try to use a cable meant to support
VISCA in this application as it will not work correctly


If I have the correct cable, does group 500 support Visca cameras ? 



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Re: Group System support for Visca

The list of supported non-Polycom cameras is listed in the release notes for the software version you are using.  See the interoperability section.


You would use the proper HDCI breakout adapter for the camera you are using, which would provide a serial interface for your VISCA connection.  Refer to the Group Series Integrator's Reference Guide for additional information on the HDCI adapter cables that are available.

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Re: Group System support for Visca



I understand that in the case you mentioned camera control will use the serial connection through the breakout cable. 

How about the serial port on the enpoint GS310/500? Is it possible to control a VISCA camera, connected to the HDMI content port, through this serial port ?


In this case I believe we can´t use the group remote control, but instead we would need an automation solution to send telnet commands to the group system, correct ? 



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