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Groupseries 310/500 Resource Manager Upgrade

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Groupseries 310/500 Resource Manager Upgrade

What exactly are the steps to have Resource Manager be able to pull an upgrade .BIN file for a Groupseries?

I have the groupseries touch working to where you hit the "check for upgrade" button on the RPT and it goes to RM and grabs the new file if it doesnt have it.....the Groupseries seems different in that no matter what you stick in "Software Server" it never finds anything.....


This really seems kludgely btw, it should be much more straight forward esp when you have a server dedicated to scheduling and updating...



RES MGR 10.1

Groupseries 6.X


tried server address (Ipaddress-of RM), (FQDN of RM), http://(ipaddress-of-RM), Http://fqdn/gs_repo

doesnt work


thanks for any help


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Re: Groupseries 310/500 Resource Manager Upgrade

Do you have the group series upgrade file on your Resource Manager? You need to download it manually on Polycom Support Site and load it to your Resource Manager.


Check Resource Manager Admin Guide for more details.



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