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Groupseries/Realconnect Teams mode and Outbound Dialing

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Groupseries/Realconnect Teams mode and Outbound Dialing

What is anyone doing now that they are in Realconnect in Teams mode on their groupseries for outbound dialing using the realconnect touchpanel??

When you commit your DMA to be the Registrar server (since there is only one), and get rid of Skype-for-business, all the Enterprise Voice is now Gone.  The DMA is now the only path outward and while that works DID voice dialing natively.

What we are trying to do now is create a rule in the DMA (#10) to point to our on-prem Avaya Session Manager with login credentials, open up the Firewall to the DMA between these two devices and see if that will work; not sure it will.

Anyone else have any advice?  It would have been nice to have 2 registrar servers (kinda like Cisco endpoints do) so this wouldnt be so hard.  We removed all conference room phones years ago and instructed people to use the TP to dial out, now with the Teams gateway, this functionality now seems gone.  Thanks for thinking this through Microsoft!

Any suggestions would be helpful


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