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H.323 on Polycom Group 500

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H.323 on Polycom Group 500



We have several Polycom Group 500 installed in our company and they are all enabled for both SIP and IP H.323. We do not have any gatekeeper for H.323 so this is turned to OFF.


When a user is placing a call e.g. from the Polycom to a Skype device using the search function on the panel, there are always multiple entries in the call history (Recent Calls). The SIP address is there but also a 6- or 7-digit unknown number (the number of digits vary and the number is not a phone number).  Is this because of the H.323 is enabled? Do we need to have both SIP and H.323 enabled?


The system is pimarely used for Polycom to Polycom calls and for Polycom to Skype for Business calls. All systems are enabled with 1080p- and RTV/CCCP licenses.  Software version is 5.1.2.


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Re: H.323 on Polycom Group 500


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Re: H.323 on Polycom Group 500

Hello Solo69,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Users will respond if they have an answer for you so please either be patient or work with your Polycom reseller to answer this question.


Maybe someone tries to scam you and tries to break out to a PSTN location with your system.


Not knowing the exact details or seeing logs of this it is difficult to answer.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: H.323 on Polycom Group 500

SInce you are not using a GK, and you setup the GS to be H323 and SIP, in my mind, there may be a couple of things to look at


1. The GS will auto assign an E.164 Alias to itsself when H323 is allowed. This is usally a long ugly number. You can manually set them to be shorter numbers but that will eventually become a big mess without a DMA GK..think of this as DHCP for H323. If you had to manually assign IP's to every PC in your organization, that is an admin nightmare. The DMA would handle that for you if you had one.


2. The GS will try SIP or H323 first based on whatever you have set in Admin Settings>Network>dialing preference. In my deployment, we are dual registered meaning H323 and SIP (in my case, my S4B server for telephony calls) but since we make more H323 calls than SIP calls, i set my dial preference to H323. By setting the dial preference-- In the cases that someone dials a phone number which uses a separate SIP registar in my environment, I will see a list in recent calls of the GS attempting to try H323 first and when that doesnt work, it automatically sends that dial string to my SIP registar in a new call. So for every SIP call I see an H323 attempt first and a second call attempt to my SIP registar.


3. If you want to make both H323 and SIP calls you will have to accept this as your "normal". Alternativley, you can SIP register your GK (If you had one..such as a DMA) to your SIP registar and have users dial a prefix for SIP calls. Then you could set up a dial rule on the DMA to strip the prefix off and pass the rest of the SIP dial string off to your SIP registar of choice (Avaya, S4B, CUCM..whatever you use for telephony)

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