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HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

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HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

Hi all,

I have an issue with HDX 6000 View Media Center.

All was working properly and after some time I met an unexpected behavior.

The LCD screen doesn't display anything. The sound is working OK, but the screen is black.

I've tried to check settings of LCD, but after pressing "Settings" button on remote or LCD nothing happens.

Also, I tried to connect LCD to laptop through HDMI. I've got the same result, nothing displayed on the screen, it was just black. But laptop has deceted the additional screen.


Does anybody know how to fix that?

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Re: HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

Sounds like the display has failed.  Please call Polycom service for a replacement, assuming you have service on it.

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Re: HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

The display is working as I understand (light is on), but doesn't show anything, but black screen.

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Re: HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

If you are getting no video, even the menu, then it could be the power supply that drives the display or the control card.  The light simply indicates you have AC power to the unit.

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Re: HDX 6000 View Media Center issue

Power off and on the monitor (this is just to be sure the monitor isn't asleep). Then look for a button on the monitor labeled Source or Source Input. (Most monitors have a Source Input Select button.) Press the button a few times and scroll the options. If the choices are not showing up on the monitor then you probably have a defective monitor. If the choices do show up then set it to HDMI (there may be more than one HDMI choice so you might have to try each). Did the screen turn on? If not, continue below.



Now, power cycle the HDX. It should show the Polycom splash screen. If not, hold down the Display button on the remote control for about 5 seconds. By pressing the down arrow, you can select the HDX monitor interface. For HDMI, you should select DVI.



Log into the HDX using a web browser and check the Admin Settings->Monitors->Output Upon Screen Saver Activation. Change it to Black. Then change the Screen Saver Wait Time to OFF. Then press the UPDATE button. Some monitors have a screen saver time so that they go to sleep after a time when they aren't getting a signal. The BLACK setting causes the HDX to send a black screen (instead of simply not sending a signal) when it goes to sleep. Once you have the problem figured out, set the Screen Saver Wait Time back to something reasonable like 3 min.

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