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HDX 6000 directory.xml

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HDX 6000 directory.xml

Hi all, 

      I have 4 HDX 6000 units running on my network and I am using the LDAP connection for our corporate directory. I also add a listing of video units the HDX can talk to in the favorites folder. This means whenever I need to update something I have to go to each HDX web interface and manually make changes. I found the Import/Export utility but it looks like exporting a directory give me a directory.xml file but importing wants a text file and won't accept the xml file. Once more, researching this everything I found mentioned online refers to a directory.csv file. All I want to do is export the local directory, edit it, and import it. How is this done?

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Re: HDX 6000 directory.xml

You should be able to import the .xml file directly into the HDX. Just select File Type as All Files.

Just use any XML editor to edit the directory file. Tested this and worked ok.

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