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HDX 7000 Camera Issues

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HDX 7000 Camera Issues

I currently have an HDX 7000 running System software version 3.1.7-48092. When the camera "wakes" up it takes a good minute for it to spin forward and fully focus. Is this due to the older firmware version? Will the latest software resolve this issue? The client isnt happy with this.

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Re: HDX 7000 Camera Issues

The camera wakes up when it spins around, that is an indication that it is awake so I going to assume that what is meant is when the system wakes up.


This is not 'normal' behavior and I would question a couple of things.  One, how long is it really?  It may seem like a minute but how long is it really?  I just tested an HDX and it took about 10 seconds for the camera to wake up after the system is activated from the remote.


How is the camera connected to the system?  Is it directly connected or is there intermediate components between the camera and the codec?


Is the camera properly recognized in the web UI?  Is it showing the camera there, even when the system is 'asleep'?


How are they waking the system up?  Is it using the codec remote or is there a control system in-line they are using?  If using the remote, is there interference in the room to the IR signal?  Is the IR getting to the codec properly?  How long does the codec take to 'wake up'?  If the IR signal is being interfered with (were the lights in the room recently changed) turn the lights off and see if there is an improvement.


Did this change at some point, did it wake up faster previously?  If so what was the change that affected it?

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Re: HDX 7000 Camera Issues

when the video conference source is selected on the IPAD. It switches to the correct input on the displays, then you see the main menu page come up. At this point the camera has still not spun forward, but you see the camera image facing the wall after15 seconds (timed) the camera spins around and fully focuses on the table.


Yes the camera is wired directly to the codec (no interconnecting gear.) and yes it appears on the menu from the remote.

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