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HDX 7000 Connects but no incoming video/audio on our end

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HDX 7000 Connects but no incoming video/audio on our end

We have the HDX 7000 HD running Software version 3.0.1-10628 and it's been running fine without a hitch for a while. Recently, when we place calls, the other party can see/hear us but we get black video and no sound back. I don't believe anything has changed on our end so it is a little peculiar?


We have the Polycom on a router but the ports are forwarded. In the router settings for port fowarding, the LAN IP matches the polycom and the current ports open for it are 





Both UDP/TCP protocols are enabled for all ports listed above.


I also toggled the NAT option on/off in the Polycom Firewall options to see if that was the problem but we have the same issue of no incoming video/audio. Near End loop looks fine and when we call a testing center, we see ourselves in the PIP but still receive no incoming video/audio. Any ideas?

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Re: HDX 7000 Connects but no incoming video/audio on our end

Hi @Veritas,


I think you have a firewall issue and in my opinion your specified ports are insufficient. As I remember there is a wider port range for successful communication but you use a very old software version (update recommended!), maybe it differs a bit. As far as I know you should open TCP 1720, TCP 3230-3250 and UDP 3230-3280 at your firewall an forward them to the local IP of your HDX. Check the field for "Fixed Ports" in the Web GUI and leave NAT Config on "Auto". Normally your extternal IP should be displayed. Uncheck the fields for "H.460" and "NAT is H323" compatible, should work then.


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