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HDX 7000 Global Directory and VBP-ST

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HDX 7000 Global Directory and VBP-ST

Hi guys,


We have a problem with our HDXs (version


Is it even possible to access the GDS (From a Resource Manager v. 7.1) through VBP-ST5300(ver. 11.2.12)?


We enabled the Access Proxy created an entry with Subscriber and CMA ports 3601, added the CMA(RM) Address the only thing we are not sure is how proceed with the certificates, because the rest not for questioning.


On a trace made on the VBP we can see that the HDX is sending the request on port 3601 to the VBP, but the VBP is not forwarding it to RM.


There is no problem with endpoints with direct access to RM. They are all synchronizing just well.


Do you have any suggestions?


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Re: HDX 7000 Global Directory and VBP-ST

No ideas? Huh...

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