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HDX 7000 ISDN no longer working

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HDX 7000 ISDN no longer working



Recently we unplugged all the cables and moved the polycom system to refurbish the room.

When we placed the system back all settings were lost.


We manually configured everything again but we still encounter problems when trying to dial via ISDN.


We have contacted our provider who performed some tests on the lines but everything seemed fine to them.


When I try to make a call I get the following error: your call could not be completed due to a network problem.


Has anyone encountered these kind of issues in the past.

Is there a setting that I'm forgetting?

What should I pay attention to?


1 extra thing.

When changing the BRI settings and saving them I go check the system status only to see that line 1 (ISDN) is down.

After a reboot of the system I can see that the line is back up.

This is for all modifications done on BRI level.


Anyway thx for your time and input that might help save this issue.

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Polycom Employee

Re: HDX 7000 ISDN no longer working

Loosing the HDX settings may have resulted from improper shutdown.  If the power button was pressed and the AC cord pulled within 15-20 seconds the HDX could not finish writing to Flash and software corruption may result.


The system will revert to factory defaults in order to correct the errors.


As for the ISDN.  Are any of the lights on the NT-1 quad device blinking or are they steady green.  Blinking fast indicates an error on the network side and a slow blink is an error on the equipment side.


Were the lines reconnected in the correct order?


The lines must also be configured in the HDX in the correct order.


Where it was working before I would suspect a configuration issue.


Give our support center a call and we would be glad to discuss the issue with you.

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Ravindra Kumar
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Re: HDX 7000 ISDN no longer working

My polycom hdx not woking with BRI line so please provide the setting for the same.

Setting for video calling?
Setting for audio calling ?

Plz help
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