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HDX 7000 call speed limited

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HDX 7000 call speed limited

I have an HDX 7000 HD hardware version A software release -


For some reason I can't get it to send video at a faster rate than ~480k even when I specify the call speed as 1024k or higher.  I don't think it's an issue with my internet speed as I've tried from a few different locations all with 1024k or higher up speed with the same result.


Video is sending at 1280 x 720.


As far as I can tell there is nothing limiting the call speed in the admin settings.


What am I missing?

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Re: HDX 7000 call speed limited

If your HDX 7000 HD Hardware Version A system is connecting with 720p video, then the call should have connected at 832kbps or higher.  (That's the Call Rate.)


This means that you might be looking at Video Rate Used field in the call statistics.  Video Rate Used should always be less than Video Rate (which is the "negotiated" video rate) and it fluctuates depending on the video being encoded/decoded.  If the video being encoded/decoded does not have much movement, it does not require as much bandwidth as if would if video with more movement is being encoded/decoded, and therefore Video Rate Used can be significantly less than the "negotiated" rate or Video Rate.


The rate can also be significantly less than the call rate if there's packet loss that causes either Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) or Dynamic Bandwidht Allocation (DBA) to activate.


See this article in the Knoweldge Base for additional information -

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Re: HDX 7000 call speed limited

Thanks for your help

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