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HDX 7000 possible overheating issue

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HDX 7000 possible overheating issue



I'm hoping to shed some light on issues we've been having with one of our VC systems, we have 3 of them and the other 2 are operating fine.

We've had issues where during extended calls, then the system disconnects.


I've attached the system log and noticed WARNINGs about temperature just want to know whether the temperatures reflected are excessive? There aren't any pop up warnings on the system regarding temperature, should there be a pop up warning?


Any assistance would be appreciated.




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Re: HDX 7000 possible overheating issue

Please share the Software version of impacted endpoints



Yash Pal

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Re: HDX 7000 possible overheating issue

The system should display a temperature warning when it reaches a particular internal threshold.  (I don't know exactly what that threshold is.)   But looking at the logs you attached, I would say those are not excessive temperatures.  I have seen temperatures run in the 60's without having problems.  It is conceivable that some components in the systems you have may have become sensitive to heat over time.  But, again, yours don't show that high of temps.


The error log does show a "CRITICAL watchdogd: proc 3 not responding" error that MAY be your smoking gun.


If the disconnects continue to happen, I would suggest you open a Service Request with Polycom. 



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