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HDX 7000 tramsitting only 4CIF


HDX 7000 tramsitting only 4CIF

Hi all,


We have an HDX 7000 running 3.0.6.


No matter what device we connect to to it, it insists on only transmitting 4CIF, although will happily accept 720p.


We have tried with another HDX, Group Series 700, Cisco Jabber for Telepresence, Tandberg MXP, Codian 8510, CIsco C40, all at 1920kbps, and calls inbound and outbound.


Looking at the CDR, the unit has only ever connected using 4CIF (or CIF in 1 case), although was previously on software revision 2.5.


I found another post on here from a few years back that pointed to the HDX preferring frame rate over resolution, but nothing should be rate limiting these calls. I did try the suggested resolution for Telnetting to the HDX and running:


config preferresolution 0 true


But this has had no effect. Does anyone have any suggesttions?





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Re: HDX 7000 tramsitting only 4CIF

Well, I may have found the answer, and what I didn't realise is that the HDX 7000 come in both HD and SD versions. Looks like this is just an HDX 7000.

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