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HDX 7000

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HDX 7000

Anyone know what firefox plugin the browser is prompting for when HDX Web Director is selected???

I need the plugin but it doesn't identify what plugin or plugins is or are missing???


Thank you.


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Re: HDX 7000

The only 'Supported' browser for the HDX is Microsoft IE.


Be sure that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, or 8.0 as your

web browser.

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Re: HDX 7000


Looks like that was my issue.  Polycom don't like firefox.  I have to use IE.

Using IE fixed both issues ... the web plug and the login pop up.


Would have been nice if your engineers developed the software to use the various browsers out there.  I know you guys like Microsoft Lync's but you should still develope you EP's to support all frequently used browsers i.e. firefox, saphari, IE etc.  




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