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HDX 7000

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HDX 7000

We've recently been having some strange issues with one of our Polycom HDX 7000 units. In a conference call this unit displays a black screen, however they still get audio from the conference. All of our other endpoints (HDX 6000's, HDX 7000's, and HDX 8000's) are still able to view this location. Also, everything works fine when they call another site directly, so it seems to be just conferences.

So far, the only glaringly obvious difference is that the power button is amber in a conference call. I have tried resetting to default settings and just programming the IP address thinking maybe someone was messing with it, however it did not fix the issue.


This is our only endpoint that is having problems, and it's ONLY when we set up conferences through the Polycom RMX 1000. I would imagine that if it were a software or configuration issue, we'd be seeing problems at other locations as well?

If it matters, all of the HDX 6000's and 7000's are deployed across T1's (set up behind our LAN network). The RMX 1000 and HDX 8000 are at our main site on the LAN.


Any help troubleshooting would be much appreciated. I plan on trying to do a firmware upgrade tomorrow morning as long as everything stays quiet on the help desk side of things.



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Re: HDX 7000

Alex,  sounds like a possible network issue.  Possible not enough ports on the firewall?

What is the history?  Has this happened before?

Is there a different path when connecting to the RMX as opposed to the point to point calls?


There may be issues that are best discussed on the phone.


Give Support a call at the link below.

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Re: HDX 7000

It's been working fine for about the past year and a half, and it only happens in conference calls. I would think that all calls would be affected if it were some kind of policy on the router. The other 3 sites that are set up wit near identical configurations (with the exception of IP addresses) that are not having issues.

There shouldn't be a different network route when in a point to point call. The HDX 8000, RSS 2000, and RMX 1000 are all in out training center, and the router that connects all the sites is located there as well, so even when calling another site, they would still have to come back to get router.


Station LAN (router)----(T1)------(router) Training/HQ LAN (firewall)(router) ------(T1)-------Internet


And out T1 connections come in right behind the firewall, so far as I know, the firewall shouldn't be filtering any of the traffic from these sites.


I've upgraded the firmware on 3 out of 5 of our HDX units - doesn't seem to have any effects.

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Re: HDX 7000

Did you ever get a resolution to this, having the same issue. only happens intermittently

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