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HDX 8000 HD Audio Issue

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HDX 8000 HD Audio Issue

Hi there. My setup is two endpoints. Both are HDX 8000 HD units - unit A and unit B. When video calls are made from either one to the other, both ends can see video just fine. However, the audio consists of a continous tone (not a dial tone or busy signal tone). Just a single continous tone. Has anyone seen this? What could be the issue?


Additonal info:

Several days ago there was some static on the audio when unit A would call unit B but not when unit B would call unit A. Also, all outside telephone (POTS) calls to the building where unit B was located contained static on the line (including the HDX 8000). AT&T has since repaired the issue with the telephone lines. Now both ends hear a continous tone where before we were getting static on the audio.


Anyone have any ideas, clues, or tips? Thanks in advance.

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Re: HDX 8000 HD Audio Issue

First check audio at both units:



System -> Diagnostics->Network->Near End Loop. Can you hear youself?


What type of microphones you use? Polycom / Non-Polycom?



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Re: HDX 8000 HD Audio Issue


Have you tried calling a working manned video helpdesk, based on the information you have provide it may be firewall related but more information on how the systems are deployed on the network would help us to assist you.

Feel free to drop me an email ( if you need details to perform a test call

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Re: HDX 8000 HD Audio Issue

Analog POTS lines are prone to issues such as crosstalk, static etc. Especially in areas where water becomes an issue such as heavy rain. Telco's are struggling to find good copper pairs to put lines on. This results in creative measures when making repairs such as splitting pairs etc. To test your POTS lines connect a test set or good single line telephone to each line and call someone. Several test calls should be made from each line. If there is an issue, you should be able to hear it.

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