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HDX 8000 LDAP Configuration Question

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HDX 8000 LDAP Configuration Question

Hello folks,


I have a client with an HDX 8000 software rev 3.1.2 and they want to link it to their LDAP to provide its Global Directory.  The Polycom's web interface shows the Base DN (Distinguished Name) section but no additional filtering capabilities to narrow down the directory that it is pulling from.  Is there any way of narrowing down the file path so you don't pull from all of your LDAP users?  Pulling 900+ users isn't ideal. as you can imagine. I provided the client with the HDX 8000 admin guide for rev 3.1.3 and pointed out the section that discussed LDAP.  Do any best practices documents exist?  Any help that can be provided is much appreciated, thanks. DK 


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