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HDX 8000 NTSC or PAL

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HDX 8000 NTSC or PAL

Hi Community,

I am looking at purchasing several new old stock HDX 8000 codecs. My question is:

I see there are two models HDX 8000 2201-27951-002 PAL and HDX 8000 2201-27951-001 NTSC.

Can someone inform me as to the difference, I want to use these in an existing Polycom environment in the USA, I would need to be able to use some existing  NTSC analog cameras and Polycom Eagle Eye MPTZ-6 or MPTZ-9 cameras and PC VGA inputs with HDTV monitors connected via HDMI or VGA. It looks like the PAL version is about half the cost of the NTSC version. Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: HDX 8000 NTSC or PAL

For the US you would definitely want the NTSC. PAL was mostly used in England and Europe. NTSC was the analog North American Colour Standard.

(Never Twice the Same Colour). Lol

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Re: HDX 8000 NTSC or PAL

To expand a bit on your question....


NTSC and PAL are incompatible with each other. NTSC carries 525 lines of resolution at 60HZ, PAL carries 625 lines at 50Hz. In reality, PAL was a better colour system than NTSC, but the extra space for NTSC was that you could also view it in Black and white if you didn't have a colour TV....back in the day....


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