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HDX 8000 Setup

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HDX 8000 Setup



Company I work for has dug up a few HDX 8000, eagle eye cameras (MPTZ-6 model number) and the external satellite mic speaker.  They want me to see if they are operable so we can sell them.  I honestly have no idea how to set this up and it most documentation I've found is geared more toward programming them for use.  I just want to confirm the hardware still works, the camera displays images and then set to factory default.  I've tried plugging a computer monitor into the DVI ports (both the one with the laptop icon and what I believe to be the two video out DVI ports) but no image on the monitor.  I have the Polycom cable (that looks like a DVI cable) going from the camera to the camera 1 port.  I obviously don't have the setup right as the monitor is not picking up a signal. Power button is a solid blue which as I understand it means it is online and ready to go.  Any guidance would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Hello @Santiago927,

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I suggest you either use the Integrator’s Reference Manual or simply do a image search for a Polycom HDX wiring diagram.

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Go to and download the HDX Admin Guide, toward the back are the back panel views that show the connections.  The Admin Guide will also provide a guide to the light statuses.  


I have also attached the Install Guide fo an HDX 8000.



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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Thanks for the guide.  I see where I was going wrong.  It looks like I needed to use the cable that has the five connectors on one side and 2 connectors and DVI on the other.  I was using a straight DVI cable from the port to the monitor.  The monitor I am using is a standard monitor (DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc.).  Do I need to use a special monitor?  Maybe an older TV that has composite?


Again, the only purpose is to set them to factory default so we can sell them.


Thanks again for the guide, it sheds a little light on what I am looking at.

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Just following up to see if anybody has some advice on getting the display to come up on the HDX 8000.  I've tried different monitors, different DVI cables and different HDX.  I have the DVI going to a Dell monitor and I've plugged the other end into the both DVI output ports.  Still, no video.  Any help would be appreciated as I've had no luck with determining what I am doing wrong.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Please refer to the HDX Admin Guide on how to use the remote control to set the video output on the HDX system.  That may solve your issue.  The output can support DVI-A or DVI-D.  

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

You need to define whether you are using analogue or digital output for the monitor. 

It won't output both at the same time.

If DVI (digital) isn't working, try hooking up DVI (analogue).

Or, if you are able to determine the IP address, log into the web interface and set the monitor to the correct output type.


let me know if you'd like me to elaborate more.





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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Okay, made some progress, I used an analog to DVI to VGA adapter to get picture.  Thanks for the Digital vs. Analog suggestion.  Now I'm playing the match the equipment game trying to see what remote is paired with what HDX.  So far, I've tried three of the five boxes with the three working remotes I have but no love.  Is there a way to control these devices with a keyboard and mouse?  I tried using the only USB port, but nothing.  If not, a way to pair a remote with a box? 


Thank you again in advance.

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Re: HDX 8000 Setup

Is it just the handheld remote?


if so, the remote requires a camera to be connected to receive the IR signal from the remote.


However, onec the unit is powered on and displaying on the monitor you sould be able to see the units IP address and connect to it from your PC, either via network or direct connection.


if the unit is set to DHCP and doesn't have an address, and you need to connect to it directly you could install a virtual DHCP server on your pc/laptop in order to give it an address.


I hope this helps.





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