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HDX 8000 Wont Update

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HDX 8000 Wont Update

i have an hdx 8000 that is constantly being brute forced , i was working on the issue and decided to update firmware as it had been a while but ut keeps failin current version is 

Release -

i get the following error no matter what firmwari try to do 


"Invalid software update package. Please verify the software update package or obtain a new software update package, and then try again."


any ideas?

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Re: HDX 8000 Wont Update

Hi @XBetadogX,


which firmware you try to install? The newest one (3.1.12)? If yes, read the release notes, please! 

If you have an HDX system version prior to version 2.6.1, you must install version 2.6.1 before you can upgrade to later versions such as 3.1.x.

And of course your HDX must me under service, else it is not possible to update.


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