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HDX 8000 and external mixer + Beamers

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HDX 8000 and external mixer + Beamers

We have a number of HDX 8000 in our building. As we are doing some new fit out works, we would like to install also some audio video equipment to give a better experience to the end users, instead of standard 50 inch TVs + loudspeakers.


We were also thinking to have as input a mixer with some specific microphones, which cannot be connected to the VORTEX system . I would like to know if I can use a mixer as an input for the HDX 8000 and a (or two) beamer/s as an output for the video, plus the same mixer as an output to forward the audio to the lourspeakers.


Is it doable with a polycom HDX 8000?


Reading the documentation it looks like it has a line in and line out with distinguished VIDEO and AUDIO cables, am I correct on this?


Many thanks for the hint!




PS: we asked to our dealer which (unfortunately) is on holiday, but having the need to do the cabling, I need an answer from somebody who may help.

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Re: HDX 8000 and external mixer + Beamers



HDX 8000 has line level input and output with RCA connectors so you can use casual cables (not mandatory Polycom made) to connect your audio equipment.




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Re: HDX 8000 and external mixer + Beamers

You mention a Vortex, why are you not looking at the SoundStructure?

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Re: HDX 8000 and external mixer + Beamers




Concerning the soundstructure C8 audio input & output terminals.


1. I have a loudspeaker (JBL-SB100) do i still need to include an amplifier connected to HDX7000 to have a better sounds or i can just connect it to the audio output of the soundstructure c8.


2. Is shure ULXD4Q wireless receiver is supported by soundstructure c8? can i just connect directly the line output of the wireless receiver to the audio input of the soundstructure c8.


Hoping for your support.




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