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HDX 8000 keeps rebooting randomly

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Re: HDX 8000 keeps rebooting randomly

The reboot issue was pretty random and not that frequent. So will know about it only after a while.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: HDX 8000 keeps rebooting randomly

Dharam, sorry for my previous reply about the network. I must have thought I was replying to another post.  The HDX will reboot when it thinks it has some sort of problem.

Typically when there is possible corruption in a config file. Another cause is errors caused by some outside source.  Most common is a loose or damaged mic cable. The errors caused by a bad cable can cause a boot as the HDX is trying to clear the problem. If the cable gets jiggled the problem may go away.

If this occurs again give Polycom Support a call, we can instruct you on how to download the system Support Package which contains the logs for analysis. We can usually determine the cause from the logs.


Support contact sites: 

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