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HDX 9002 power setting

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HDX 9002 power setting

Good morning - apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question...


We have 3 HDX 7000 video conferencing units.  One of them has been somewhat randomly powering off on its own, sometimes when in a call, sometimes when just at the main screen while inactive.  We have it setup in our IT office for now to troubleshoot but are getting nowhere so far.


With it powered on all day yesterday we saw it shut itself off once within the first 10 minutes.  After this we noticed the blue light on the front of the unit was slowly blinking.  Google suggested that indicated it was receiving input from the remote control; looking at the remote it showed low battery, so we replaced the batteries just in case.


After that, we left it powered on nearly all day.  We did see it power off at least once when connecting/disconnecting the network cable from the back but this morning we are unable to replicate that. 


We're hoping to find some other suggestions on what could be wrong, or of what we could look at before we send the unit back to the office it is normally located in.

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JD Rogers
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Re: HDX 9002 power setting

I don't honestly know, but do you think it's over heating?

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Re: HDX 9002 power setting

You might want to connect to the HDX using Telnet (Putty) on Port 23 and log the information.    You might find your answer there as to why it is "rebooting".    Make sure you log the information because you will need it for Polycom Support if you are going to open a ticket.


Good Luck,


Gary M

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