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HDX 9006 Home menu overlay on far end

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HDX 9006 Home menu overlay on far end

Checked release notes and looked through the far I've seen this twice on two different systems running On a PtP call the home screen will overlay the far end video. The users have no way of changing this since all rooms are on control systems, remotes are not available, and transport controls are not built in to touchpanels. Only way to make it go away is backing out with remote. Although I'm going to upgrade these newly installed codecs and see if this resolves it, I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this or if it's a known issue.

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Re: HDX 9006 Home menu overlay on far end

Hi there...

yes, you should update all of your machines to the latest version in the first step.

If the problem isn´t resolved after upgrading:

Do you have the possibilty to make a photo of the screen ?

I haven´t seen this error and imho this is not a known bug.

Maybe one of the polycom guys is able to confirm this.

Kind regards,
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