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HDX: Secondary IR receivers?

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HDX: Secondary IR receivers?

Is there an official secondary IR receiver add-on product for the Polycom HDX 4000 series?


Sometimes it is not easy or even possible to face the EagleEye camera front to control the system.



Yes, I am aware of generic IR repeaters for home entertainment automation use. I'm looking for something possibly better and more integrated, than an emitter glued to the front of the EagleEye.


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Re: HDX: Secondary IR receivers?

What is the use case where the HDX 4000 is being used where the touch controller is not being used?  I am interested in that, and you can respond to that inquiry in a private message.


From a previous note I have:


They would need a powered “38kHz demodulated” IR receiver attached to pin 9 (signal) and pin 5 (ground) on the serial port.

This is not an “off the shelf” item.  TSOP4838 is a Vishay component from which one could “build” a 38kHz demodulated IR receiver

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