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HDX camera model MPTz-9

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HDX camera model MPTz-9

We were shipped an HDX Camera model # MPTZ-9 for new install replacement camera on an HDX 8000 camera 2 input and it will not work, infact if we plug it into camera one position it wipes the configuration settings of the polycom 8000 (and the 7000 so we found out on a second test). The software version on the 8000 is compliant with that model of camera supposedly but it will not work. We plugged in an MPTZ-6 to the 8000 on camera 2 and it worked fine so the wiring and polycom unit are fine.


Short of replacing the camera with an MPTZ-6 any ideas ?




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Re: HDX camera model MPTz-9



What software version are you running on the HDX? You should be at HDX version 3.0.1 to get an HDX to work with the MPTZ-9.

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Re: HDX camera model MPTz-9

There is a camera compatability section in the HDX release notes that defines the minimum software version for each of the Polycom cameras.


It is highly recommended that you get to the latest software to protect yourself from the recently discussed erd part vulerability referred to as Heartbleed.

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