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HDX messages while trying to connect

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HDX messages while trying to connect

We've received the following two messages on our HDX systems and we'd like to know what they mean.


"The Call has Ended." - We get this message as soon as we try to place a call. It doesn't connect to the far site and there isn't a problem at the far site. We have to reboot our HDX system to get it to connect. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes we can place a call with no problems and sometimes we get this message. We almost always place a call to the same site.


"Network Resource Unavailable." - We get this message when we try to place a call. It doesn't happen all the time and usually rebooting our system will resolve the issue. We also get this message sometimes if we try to type the IP address in to place the call. We can get around it if we look for the contact in the directory and place the call that way.


We know that rebooting our system usually fixes the problem, but we'd like to know why this keeps happening, so if anyone can shed some light on what these messages mean, I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: HDX messages while trying to connect

Sounds like you have have packet inspection running on your firewall, what type of firewall are you running?

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Re: HDX messages while trying to connect

We don't know what kind of firewall. Both Polycom systems are directly connected to separate cable modems. The firewall would be on the ISP's end and we're not sure what they use.

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Re: HDX messages while trying to connect

Is this what you think is causing the messages? Like I said before, the firewall is on the ISP end and we don't know what firewall they're using. Do you think we should contact our ISP regarding this?


I've also noticed that when we get the "Call has Ended" message as soon as it tries to connect, there is also an Alert message showing that the Global Directory is down. We reboot and it's OK. We have to get to the bottom of this though because the judge is waiting to use it for video conferences and these aren't the fastest systems to reboot.  I can't say that this happens every time we get this message, but I have noticed it a few times so far.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: HDX messages while trying to connect

If you get "Global directory is down' then your connection to the management infrastructure has been lost.

Do you use global directory / hosted services?

you haven't explained your topology enough for anyone to help - I'd suggest contacting the owner of the GD first, and your ISP

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