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HDX multipoint Call

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HDX multipoint Call

Hi Team ,


we have purchased HDX multipoint call facility for our HDX codec.  when the system is call with point to point ,then video quality is good. 


but when the 3 more sites are joining the call ,then video quality is blur and we are not able to identify the participants in the video.


please sugest on this. 




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Re: HDX multipoint Call

The first point to suspect is the bandwidth limitation in your network. Check the packet loss and jitter in the Diagnostic screen and try to decrease the call speed.




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Re: HDX multipoint Call

The way that the internal MP works is that it requests from the far ends a resolution that is 1/4 the transmit resolution, so if you are doing an HD call then the far ends will be sending SD.  If you are doing an SD call then the far ends are sending 1/4 SD or SIF/CIF. 


Please refer to the HDX Admin guide for the supported resolutions when in a multipoint call.