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HDX4000 HD audio drop out

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HDX4000 HD audio drop out


We have been having problems during our video conference calls where when the user doesnt face the mic/screen the audio drops out.  Also if they are speaking too softly it drops out.  We checked the network ports and confirmed there isnt any drop packets and such.  Is there a setting on the HDX 4000 that can fix this?



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Re: HDX4000 HD audio drop out

Sounds like there is an audio issue in the room.  How big of a room is the 4000 in?  what version of software is the 4000 running?  Do you have other audio in the room (speakers)?  What does the room's walls like, is the room active with the audio? 


In the audio settings make sure you have the Master Audio is about 35 and make any adjustment to the volume from the keypad.

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Re: HDX4000 HD audio drop out

Sorry for the delay.  Your password reset wasnt working for a few days so i couldnt respond. 


We just tested this with a 9002 as well same issue. 


The 4000 is in a room 10'x15'.  The 9002 is in a room thats 10'x25'.


The 9002 has mics on the table. 


The 4000 master audio volume is at 37.  No speakers in the room besides the TV but that is off.  We are using the built in speakers from the 4000.  Software version is 3.0.2-11176.


The 9002 master audio volume is at 22 (i will change this to 35 for another test soon).  Speakers in the ceiling, full on AV room.  Software version is


Thanks again for your help.

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