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HDX7000 dialing to Cisco Meeting Server issues

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HDX7000 dialing to Cisco Meeting Server issues

Hey All,


When doing a call using a HDX7000 running version 3.1.12 and dialing to CMS on version 2.4 on SIP we experience a green screen covering more than half of the screen. The codec being used is H.264 HP and this can't be changed. When dialing using H323 this is not an issue.

We have also noticed when dialing straight into a Meeting Space the green screen will appear and then go away, when dialing to the CMS Auto Attendant it will not disappear and we are not able to insert the Meeting PIN.

When dialing from the same HDX7000 to and older version of CMS this issue is not present. So the newe software from Polycom and Cisco is not working together, should I log a call with Polycom for this or has anyone else experienced something simmilar.

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Re: HDX7000 dialing to Cisco Meeting Server issues

If anyone has a simmilar issue, this is how we resolved it:

Can you please check if compatiblityProfile is set on the lab CMS?


To do this, use Postman or similar app for API access to the CMS.

Perform GET method on https://x.x.x.x:445//api/v1/compatibilityProfiles

Check if you have element h264CHPMode set to basic on that compatibilityProfile.


There is a known defect which shows the exact same symptoms that you are seeing on the production CMS with 3/4th screen filled with green. The defect was fixed in 2.4 version by adding the h264CHPMode in the compatiblityProfile. By default the mode is set to auto but by changing it to basic, the use of H264 HP will be avoided.


The instructions to restrict the use of the H.264 CHP encoder to basic mode are:

  • POST to /compatibilityProfiles with the parameter 'h264CHPMode' set to 'basic'
  • PUT to /system/profiles with the parameter 'compatibilityProfile' set to the GUID of the compatibilityProfile created in the previous step
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