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HDX7002 - Can this be upgraded to HD ?

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HDX7002 - Can this be upgraded to HD ?



im looking for confirmation if the HDx7002 unit can be upgrdaded to an HDX 7000 HD with the Upgrade Kit like the Hdx7001.


i am pretty sure it can but just want to be certain.





Divesh Nathoo
Head of Architecture : Video
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Re: HDX7002 - Can this be upgraded to HD ?

Hi Divesh,


I recently had a query about the SD/HD versions of the HDX 7000, but after some research found that the 7001 model is the SD version (that can have an HD licence applied), but the 7002 model should be the HD version out of the box. Not quite sure why your 7002 isn't HD, as far as I can tell, it should be.


Is there a problem with CODEC and resolution negotiation?






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