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HDX8000 resolution to RMX changes

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HDX8000 resolution to RMX changes

Hi there!


I have a customer with multiple HDX's in their VC-fleet, including 1 x HDX8000 on HDX3.0.5.

When dialing into a VMR on their RMX1500 (MPMx of course) using a standard 512k BW, auto layout configuration for the profile, ALL HDX7000's & HDX6000's negotiate and remain on 720p resolution IN- & out from the RMX @ 512k BUT the only HDX8000 in their fleet initailly joins the meeting ay 720p but a few sconds later down the resolution to WSD (848 x 480)....!? Sometime it will even go back to 720p then back again to WSD while in the meeting room.


There is NO Loss, Dynamic BW is disabled on the HDX....

Pt-Pt calls to/from this HDX8000 from 512k onward all @ 720p and stays there, no problem.


I checked the known issue on the RMX 7.7 & HDX3.0.5 release notes but nothing there about this.....

ANY help please greatly appreciated






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Re: HDX8000 resolution to RMX changes

According to 'HDX Admin Guide' -> 'Call Speeds and Resolution' the 512k is just the frontier between SD and HD for HDX 8000 using High Profile. For definitely negotiate 720p try to use some higher call speed (576k for example).

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Re: HDX8000 resolution to RMX changes

Can I suggest to switch the RMX off optimised and try it on maunal config for the resolution slider and see the results from there please?

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Re: HDX8000 resolution to RMX changes

Hi There,


Definately yes - already moved the slider off there to obtain 720p @ 512k


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