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HDX8000 will not dial out

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HDX8000 will not dial out



I have an HDX8000 that I am unable to dial out to other IP addresses too. If I dial the HDX8000 from my desk I can connect to it and get audio and video. If I try dialing my desk IP address the HDX8000 just continually tries to connect - so basically I can dial IP to it, but cannot dial out from it - was hoping someone had some suggestions.



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Re: HDX8000 will not dial out

We need to know more about the installation to provide any guidelines for troubleshooting.


Has this ever worked before?

Are there firewalls involved?

Are you using fixed Ports and NAT?

Are these systems on the same LAN?

Are you using static or DHCP addresses

Are they configured with the correct subnet mask and default gateway?



The HDS admin Guide provides explanations for all settings


 have you read the firewall traversal whitepaper at this Link?

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Re: HDX8000 will not dial out

Can you ping the Desktop IP from the HDX. Simple first test to establish that there is indeed a connection that way

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