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Hdx 7000 was ping failure

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Hdx 7000 was ping failure

I have an hdx 7000 and a vsx 7000. They are at different locations. I am trying to call from one to the other. It says the far site did not answer. I tried to do a ping Test and it failed.

I am not sure if I need to open further ports on the router. At one site I am using draytek 2860. The receiving site. At the other site Bt home hub router.

Any ideas. We have been using it on Isdn but now trying ip

Do I need to set up on the hdx what ports are being used or is that automatic.

Many thanks.
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Re: Hdx 7000 was ping failure

hi Steven,

It depends on call signalling you are using here - H323 or SIP. These protocols require different ports .
Possibly ICMP disabled on this network or there is no network connectivity between the 2 devices due to which ping isn't working .
You could refer to Steffen Bair's FAQ on the ports to be opened as this may give you a headway with this problem :

Hope this helps!
Karthik Sivaram

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Re: Hdx 7000 was ping failure

Many thanks for the reply i am using ip not sip 

i am not sure what h323


can you assist 


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Re: Hdx 7000 was ping failure

H.323 and SIP are both IP protocols for calls.  H.323 is older.  Your settings should indicate whether H.323 or SIP is enabled/disabled.  If you're just dialing IP addresses for calls, it most likely is H.323. The User/Admin Guides for the HDX and VSX detail the ports used for H.323 calls.  You may also do WireShark packet captures to see the call attempts and traffic.  This should show what port connections are being requested and the responses, if any.

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