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Help - Basic knowledge required!

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Help - Basic knowledge required!



Sorry this is a very basic question, but I have no experience with Polycom systems!


I have been given an unused Polycom RealPresence Group Series 500 device and have been asked to set it up to allow a videoconference with an external 3rd party.  The 3rd party have given me what appears to be a public IP address to call.


I have powered on the group series, and found it has SIP enabled, and some Skype For Business Online credentials are entered.  I found I was able to start a conference to a Skype for Business user, but I am unable to dial public IP addresses,  I cannot dial the Polycom Test IP addresses.  I get a message stating that there was an error and to contact my network administrator.


Should a group series be able to dial public IP addresses using Microsoft SIP?  if not how do I get it to dial a public IP, what is the correct settings to set, do I need to use H.323 (whatever that is?).  Do I have to go via a paid for service broker?  Also what kind of network does it need to be on, will this work on a normal broadband connection?


Some kind of high level documentation detaling how this system works would be great, but all I can find expects you to know all the settings you need to configure it to get it to work.

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Re: Help - Basic knowledge required!

Hi @Richard_H,


if you want to connect to a public IP, you should use H.323. This is the easiest way to connect with a VC using public IP.

Therefore your should enable H.323. Most important settings you should do, you will find under Firewall in the GUI. You should check "Fixed Ports", set NAT to automatic. If no public IP is displayed, set NAT to "Manual" and type your public IP in. Uncheck "H.460 Firewall Traversal" and "NAT is H.323 compatible".

Important thing is to remember fixed ports which are displayed on this page (i.e. TCP 3230-32xx, UDP 3230- xxx). You´ll have to open all of these ports on your Firewall and forward them to the local IP of your Group. Don´t forget port TCP1720, unfortunately it´s not displayed there, but it is very important (call signaling).

After this configuration you should be able to call the public IP you want to reach.

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