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How to config 30fps profile

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How to config 30fps profile

I've bought MGC+50 and 5pcs of VSX7000s, I'm trying to setting some different profiles but they're all running at 25 fps, how can I change frame rate upto 30fps? 

The grid is 50Hz 220VAC supply.

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Re: How to config 30fps profile

30fps will only be available in areas that support 60hz power...   25fps is the best you can do (and should be pretty good)...


Where are you ?


Gary M

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Re: How to config 30fps profile

I'm in Vietnam. By the way, could you send me a link of Polycom document explain about relationship of 25/30fps profiles to the grid 50/60Hz?

Thank you.

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Re: How to config 30fps profile

The 25 <-> 30 fps choice is based on the PAL <-> NTSC system used. MGC is tolerant to to the TV system but the endpoints have different cameras according to the TV system in the country. AFAIK you in Vietnam use SECAM so the codecs for your country have PAL cameras and support 25 fps. You can find this on the System Information screen.


Please note that PAL(SECAM)/NTSC usually corresponds to 50/60 Hz in the country.

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