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I'm clueless HDX 8000

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I'm clueless HDX 8000



My company has recently bought a Polycom HDX 8000 and I've got no idea how to configure it the way they want it.


The setup looks like this:


The camera is connected with the hdx 8000 component 1 and screen 1. We can see ourselves with no problem on screen 1. We plugged a HDMI cable in screen 2 and a laptop so we can see the content on screen 2.



What we want is to see the costumer on screen 1 and shared content on screen 2. I've read the manual but we don't want to use the ISDN line. We want to use a laptop to share the content to screen 2 and to the costumer on the other side of the meeting, so we both can see the shared content. I've just got no idea how to set this up or what software I should use for this.


I've installed people+ content IP but that isn't what we wanted.


Any ideas to realize this?






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It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it!


Which kind of software can be used to realize this situation? Or it doesn't really matter since it's a split screen of the laptop?


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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

I've connect the hdx 8000 and laptop with dvi but I don't see my laptop's screen on the monitor. Every time I go to content it says the following:


"Please check your content cable and make sure that it is sending video in a supported resolution such as 1024 x 768 60 Hz. If using People + content IP, enter and press connect and then play". 


People+ content IP works good but I don't want to use people + content ip I just want to display my laptop on both screens and use the laptop to make skype calls and show content. So on one side I see the person I'm having a conversation with and on the other screen I see data like diagrams.


Can someone give me some instructions?


Edit: By the way  can I use an different microphone like my laptops one to speak to the people? or does it have to be a HDX microphone?


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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

Done with the above problems.


Last thing: Is there a way to connect the polycom hdx8000 camera to the pc so I'll be able to use it on skype?

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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

Hello ItsSomething,

Could you kindly verify what you have done to sort your issues so other community members can learn from you?


In addition to answer your 2nd question our cameras use a => HDCI <= connector so if you would have a compatible input you could try this but its most likely simpler just to use a USB camera instead.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

I’ve connected a pc with port 4 DVI on the hdx 8000 to display content one screen 1 and used a VGA cable to connect the pc directly to the second screen. When I press the content button on the remote I can see myself in the camera and the content on the screen. That's how I solved my problem.




So technically If I use a Polycom HDCI Camera Breakout Cable like this one:


And get a S-Video grabber with software like DVdriver I can connect the Polycom eagle camera to my pc and will be able to use it on skype?


Or is there an other way to connect the hdx 8000 to place skype calls?


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Re: I'm clueless HDX 8000

No the Polycom cameras are proprietary non USB.

You would need a realpresence integration (CSS/DMA/RMX backend) for Skype integration 


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