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IMPORT / EXPORT Configuration files on HDX 4000 ?

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IMPORT / EXPORT Configuration files on HDX 4000 ?

Good Morning everybody !


I`m working in an environment with around 60 Polycom System spread all over the globe.

Since I`m very new to this topic and haven`t found a solution for my needs,...I`m placing my question here.


Is there a way to remotely import and export the configuration files to the HDX 4000 systems?

I noticed that the commands " exportprofile " and " importprofile " only work on 8000 system, maybe 6000 and 7000 ?


Would be great if somebody knows some details about it.


Is there a management system that is able to up/download the configuration remotely?


Thx for your help.


Cheers Christian


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Re: IMPORT / EXPORT Configuration files on HDX 4000 ?



Please read careful the comments to the exportprofile/importprofile command:


When importing profile data back into the system, use the data in its entirety (not edited in any form). The system may use the checksum utility to verify of integrity of the data when imported back into the system.
'exportprofile done' as the last line of returned data indicates that all the profile data has been exported.
Do not use exportprofile to interpret the data that is returned. Simply store and use the data as input to the importprofile command or import profile utility in the web interface.

The right way to provide the centralized device monitoring, provisioning and software management is using the Polycom resource management system like RPRM or CMA. Please look >>> Here <<< for more details.

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Re: IMPORT / EXPORT Configuration files on HDX 4000 ?

To paraphrase Princess Laia, "You're managing 60 HDXs world wide without a CMA server, you're braver than I thought".  Mike's right.  Centralised Intrastructure will help enormously, perhaps even distributed redundant/resilient Infrastructure.

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Re: IMPORT / EXPORT Configuration files on HDX 4000 ?

Hi cbrebeck

I would like to know if you have used the exportprofile command, I would like to do the same to backup the whole HDX config. Maybe you know how to export the profile to an external space?

I have the CMA which is great for updates but I do not really like it to provision profiles...


Thanks to you

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