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We just purchased a new HDX7000 unit to replace an aging ViewStation FX system.  We have tested IP connection to other locations successfully however cannot get ISDN to work.


I have verified the Number and SPID numbers are identical and have it set to NT1/NT2 as the FX system was set to NT1.  When connecting the ISDN lines to the new Quad BRI Module, it recognizes the link but no connection occurs.  We see a flashing light on two of the four lines we have and they will state Incorrect SPID alerts on the system menu/screen.  We changed the cabling around to verify they were not backwards with no success.  We then plugged them back into the old system and tested successfully.


We are on a base that supplies us ISDN direct thus have no router in the mix.  I verified there is no type of MAC filtering that is preventing the new device from access to their system.


Do you have any suggestions?


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Re: ISDN BRI Module

Hi,  it may be possible that the SPID format may not be correct.  The older ViewStation was tolerant of incorrect SPID formats.  The HDX 'plays by the rules' if you will.

It does not matter what the SPID is as long as what you configure in the HDX exactly matches what is programmed in the PBX.

For instance if the old system was using 978292200901 for a SPID but the actual SPID is 97829220090101 the HDX will not be able to use that SPID.

Same with the dialing numbers. They must match.

You are correct that the numbering on the lines must match the numbering order of the ports they are configured for in the HDX. You cannot mix-up the wires.

MAC addressing is not used by ISDN. 

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Re: ISDN BRI Module

I am having the same issue tested with another NT1 and QuadBRI module also tested with a different set of spids same issue wiring is correct spids are correct carrier says no issue on line (we also tested with another HDX7000) . I reset and reconfigured the current system but having the same issue all 4 down with Incorrect SPID.


Could the main unit be bad?

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