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Importing Group Series MIB into PRTG


Importing Group Series MIB into PRTG

I've downloaded the MIB from a GroupSeries 310 and used the MIB Importer in PRTG by Paessler.  When attempting to add a sensor from the resulting addition to the snmp library - the process cannot complete. 


While this is likely more of a PRTG issue than Polycom - I was wondering if anyone had gone down this road before.  Very interested in monitoring the Calendaring service's connetion to One Touch Dial. 

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Re: Importing Group Series MIB into PRTG

The resolution was two part:


  • Set the SNMP Version in the Group Series to 2.x
  • edit the MIB to only the parts that you need.

The result is that I can now see the Calendar/Exchange Integration with OneTouchDial in RealConnect and monitor the state of that service. 

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